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Follow Up to Your First Counselling Session with Ron

Hobart Counselling Service

Please find below some links to materials that are commonly discussed during your first counselling session.

Reviewing these articles and videos will help you to further absorb the important points that we have covered. They hold the keys to personal and relationship success.

First Step – Save this page to your bookmarks:

(Press Ctrl and D) Make it easy to find when you need it!

Next Step – Download the App to your Phone.

Scan the QR Code or click the button below to open the app in your browser, then either save the page to your home screen or bookmark the page for fast access!

Counselling Hobart App

Next Step – engage in frequent use of this Seven Sense Meditation

Using this meditation as many times per day as you can will help to lock in a new unconscious habit into your mind, helping you to see love and feel peace faster and easier!

Next Step – Watch the video with my Wooden Toys about Emotional Suppression:

Reviewing this video will help you to refresh in your mind how we interact into the world through our created aspects. This helps you to observe your aspects in action and begin to take more cotrol over what aspects you use and when!

Read my Article: “The Art of Inner Suppression in Relation to Experiences of Trauma” and explore these aspects further:

Another great article: “Emotional Suppression and How to Beat It!” Will look further into the cycle of our aspects:

Download the FREE e-Book: “Self Healing for Better relationships” which is another good read further exploring our aspects and finding ways to change your story:

Having difficulty relaxing or going to sleep?

Give this gentle guided meditation a try to restore your calmness and refocus your mind to peace:

Flashbacks and memories of traumatic times or experiencing loss?

This video will help you to re-frame your thoughts and re-focus to peace, love and calmness with ease, and will also start to develop new mental habbits!

This lovely guided spiritual meditation will take you gently to the awareness of the love within you and strengthen the experience of your spiritual energy. Used in group workshops prior to the study of A Course in Miracles online, this guided meditation restores peace, love and harmony in a beautiful way.

Counsellor's Handbook

A Course in Miracles is a book written by renowned Psychologist, Hellen Schuckman, and is an amazing resource for the restoration of your awareness and recognition of your true self. I cannot recommend this read highly enough! I have published it online for you and it is there to read FREE!

Do the Language of Love Quiz

Discover your primary Languages of Love and encourage your partner to do this quiz too. 

A very helpful communication awareness tool!

If you have not already done so, please book your next meeting with me into my online calendar now:

Click the calendar icon to begin:

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